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At Vardan Dental, we strive to provide every patient with the dental care they require. In keeping with this and our dedication to providing the finest calibre dental treatment, we offer a vast array of services that span the whole dental spectrum.

We sincerely care about your dental health and general well-being. Thus, our Vardan dental care facility is more than just a clinic.

Our Best Services


Best Dental Implant in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

Dental Implant in Shahibaug

Vardan dental implants lead the industry in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. There is no way you could ever complain about the high caliber of our implants items. The team of skilled dentists at Vardan Dental Care treats your dental and oral hygiene problems with the utmost care and professionalism.

  • Replacing any lost teeth
  • No negative impact on nearby teeth
  • Putting a big, happy smile on your face
  • Restoring the normal chewing motion
  • Improving the condition of face tissues

Benefits of Dental Implant

Here are 5 reasons why dental implants are most popular today:
1- Helps Improve Your Facial Aesthetics

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is they help preserve the jaw bone and prevent it from further deterioration. This helps restore your facial structure, enhancing overall facial aesthetics. When all or most of your natural teeth are missing or severely damaged, it impedes natural bone growth in the jaws. This causes your facial structure to deteriorate over time and the results are disheartening – the lower jaw shrivels in, lips fold in, and “marionette lines” (wrinkles) appear around the mouth. This can significantly affect your smile and self-esteem. A permanent and effective solution like dental implantology functions as natural jaw bone to hold your artificial teeth in place. This prevents the facial structure from collapsing and enhances your overall appearance.

2- Reliable and Long-lasting

Unlike traditional restorations like dental bridges, crowns or veneers, dental implants provide effective and long-lasting results. Our experienced Implantologist dr ketul Patel use high-quality, imported implant systems that ensure long-term warranty. We use advanced computer-guided dental implant surgery to provide reliable and affordable dental treatment solutions.

3- Get Immediate Results

At vardan dental clinic®, we can replace your damaged or missing teeth with beautiful and long-lasting implant restorations with quick and effective results. However, each dental implant case is unique and we can provide a more accurate treatment timeframe based by assessing the patient’s dental condition.

4- Better Chewing and Speaking Ability

A dental implant is anchored in the jaw bone and functions as the root of your artificial tooth. In the long run, it helps preserve the integrity of your jaw bone and minimises bone resorption. Using dental implants to replace your lost teeth helps restore your facial structure, enabling you to speak clearly and chew your food better.

5- Affordable Dental Implant Cost in Ahmedabad

Dental implant is a proven and effective prosthetic solution for most kinds of dental problems. However, it involves high cost which can be a disappointment for many patients. But with vardan dental clinic®, you get affordable tooth implant cost in Ahmedabad without compromising with the quality and reliability of your treatment solution. Despite its cost, dental implants help improve overall oral health and provide significant long-term value.

Benifits of Dental Implant

Get the best results in the Dental Implant Treatment

Before Dental Implant Treatment
After Dental Implant Treatment

Look at some of our patients' notable before and after dental implant photo galleries. if you still need to decide the type of tooth replacement option that would be ideal for you.

Best Root Canal Treatment In Shahibaug

Painless Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment at Vardan dental clinic has been proven to save a failing tooth for a long time. When a person tries to search for a dentist near me, the Vardan dental clinic at Shahibaug comes into the picture.

We offer painless Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad by utilising cutting-edge technology such as the NSK (UK) Endomotor, ENDOMATE DT (a ROBOTIC instrument for Root Canal Treatment), and DENTSPLY PROTAPER ROTARY Flexi, among others. You can count on our root canal specialist dentist in Ahmedabad to make your experience as painless and pleasant as possible. Most of our procedures are single-sitting root canal treatments at our Shahibaug dental clinic.

What happens when a person requires RCT?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) of a tooth is required when the tooth's blood or nerve supply (pulp) becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected due to decay (cavity), cracks, root infection, gum infection, traumatic occlusion, or a variety of other causes.

Root canal therapy aims to remove the damaged/inflamed/infected pulp from the tooth, seal it off from infection, and restore the tooth to its original function.

What does a person feel when they need RCT?

  • Pain when chewing or applying pressure to a tooth
  • Pain when drinking cold or hot liquids
  • Pain during the night or while lying down
  • Continuous pain that may or may not is relieved by pain relievers
  • Internal and external swelling
  • Tooth crack or fracture
  • Tooth discolouration or greying
  • Large cavity with or without pain from food lodgement
  • There may be no pain or symptoms in the involved tooth.

In every case, the patient does not need to have symptoms; sometimes, pulpal tissues become infected so quickly that the patient does not have any symptoms, but this does not mean that the tooth is not inflamed or infectious. In short, "no pain in the tooth" does not imply "no problem in the tooth," as most people believe.

Benefits of Root Canal

Get the best results in the Root Canal Treatment

Before Root Canal Treatment
After Root Canal Treatment

The canal system needs to be cleaned, sterilised, and filled if the nerve in the tooth's center gets infected and decays. This procedure, known as root canal therapy, enables the tooth to be preserved rather than extracted.

Teeth Whitening Near Shahibaug

Want to get Best Teeth Whitening in Shahibaug?

Teeth whitening is the process of using bleach to brighten the appearance of teeth. Stains or discolouration factors are removed from the tooth's surface to whiten teeth. Make an appointment today for the most trusted Teeth Whitening treatment.

Vardan Dental Care's professional Teeth Whitening procedures add value to the gloss of your teeth, making your smile even more valuable.

How They Work

  • Teeth whitening is a commonly performed cosmetic dentistry treatment that involves applications of a bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) to whiten the teeth. Also commonly called tooth bleaching, the treatment specifically targets tooth discoloration by removing staining and reversing the effects of routine wear.
  • Although the best whitening results are most often achieved when performed by a dentist, there are a wide range of do-it-yourself teeth whitening options available (dentist prescribed and over the counter). Basic over-the-counter whitening options have the lowest concentration of peroxide, limiting their whitening strength.
  • The treatment procedure varies depending on the specific whitening option you select. In-office whitening generally takes one hour or less, during which a bleaching gel is applied to the surface of the teeth for one or more periods of 15 to 30 minutes. A high-intensity light may be used to help speed up the process. Patients will see whitened results immediately after treatment.
  • Although results are immediate, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution to discoloration. Dentists often prescribe take-home trays designed to maximize the effect and prolong results. In addition, certain foods and drinks should be avoided.
  • Dental veneers are tooth-colored shells of porcelain or composite placed over the top of the facial surfaces of the teeth to correct worn tooth enamel, uneven alignment or spacing issues, discoloration, chips or cracks. Veneer placement requires the permanent alteration — or “shaping” — of the host tooth/teeth. (Minimal preparation veneers offer an alternative to traditional veneers in that they require less preparation of the natural teeth; however they too are more invasive than whitening.)
  • The veneer procedure varies from case to case, but is typically completed over a six week period and two dental visits — each of which can last several hours. The initial visit involves a diagnostic evaluation to ensure that there are no oral health concerns that may affect treatment, in addition to selecting veneer color from a shade chart. Some dentists use outside labs for veneer fabrication, while others use in-office CAD/CAM technology to fabricate onsite in a single visit. Depending on your dentist, temporary veneers may be used between visits.
  • During the actual procedure appointment, a local anesthetic is administered to minimize discomfort. After placement your dentist will speak with you about how best to maximize the longevity of your veneers. This includes avoiding overly abrasive toothpastes and biting down on hard objects. If treated properly, veneers can last 15 years or longer before needing replaced.

Are you a Candidate?

  • Teeth whitening is a minimally invasive procedure that does not have strict candidacy requirements. That said whitening isn’t right for everyone. Poor dental hygiene can inhibit whitening treatment. If you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay, you will first need to undergo corrective treatment before teeth whitening can be considered. Application of bleaching agents to unhealthy teeth could result in extreme pain. If you have deep tooth staining (intrinsic staining) affecting the underlying dentin layers, you may not be able to achieve the results you’re looking for with bleaching. Whitening cannot correct all discoloration issues (such as those associated with tetracycline). In such cases, additional smile makeover treatments such as veneers will likely be needed.
  • Dental veneer candidacy relies heavily on the health of the smile. If you have no underlying problems such as decay or gum disease, you stand a better chance of qualifying for veneer treatment. However, you might be surprised to hear your dentist advise against veneers; or at the very least suggest alternatives. Your dentist will always suggest the most conservative, minimally invasive option as a primary consideration. Oftentimes, people request veneers, even though they have an esthetically functional, attractive smile. If your issue is simply tooth discoloration, a dental veneer option may not be the best treatment for you. It requires the permanent alteration of your natural teeth, and can be considerably more expensive than whitening options that may suffice.
Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Get the best results in the Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before Teeth Whitening Treatment
After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Vardan Dental Clinic is here to help if you seek beautiful teeth whitening in Ahemdabad from a qualified dentist. Improve your smile with whiter, more vibrant teeth.

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Orthodontic treatment is a standard device to correct your smile and boost your confidence when interacting with guests at a social gathering. Vardan Dental Clinic is a well-known name in the dental care industry, providing dental braces to hundreds of people, significantly improving the quality of their smile and aligning their teeth.

Book a consultation to learn more about our Orthodontic Treatment's benefits.

Connect with us for Orthodontic Treatment

Vardan Dental Clinic offers Orthodontic Treatment in Ahmedabad through experienced Services.

We use the following dental braces:

  • Made from genuine materials
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Not affected by regular use Highly functional, producing results quickly
  • Implementation is extremely cost-effective.
  • Capable of addressing the specific issue with utmost precision
  • Don't jeopardize your oral hygiene standards.
Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Get the best results in the Orthodontic Treatment

Before Orthodontic Treatment
After Orthodontic Treatment

Vardan Dental is the location for you if you want a stunning new smile. See ours before and after pictures of orthodontic treatment.

Clear Aligners Treatment Near Shahibaug

What exactly are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligner therapy is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear removable thermoplastic trays to gradually move your teeth to improve bite function and aesthetic appearance without using wires or braces.

Vardan Dental Clinic and our team are pleased to provide a guarantee on Clear Aligner treatment in Ahmedabad. We offer the best dental Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad (Invisalign treatment in Ahmedabad). It is the most recent dental appliance used to straighten teeth.

The Most Important Advantages of Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligners not only provide the results of traditional orthodontic treatment without the use of wires and braces, such as straight teeth and improved bite function, but they also provide the unique benefit of being WIRELESS during treatment (in the age of wifi)

  • There are no brackets or wires. There's no need to hide your smile. The aligners are so clear that they go unnoticed while you wear them throughout the treatment.
  • Clear aligners are more comfortable to wear and maintain than braces and are even painless.
Benefits of Aligners Treatment
Benefits of Aligners Treatment
Benefits of Aligners Treatment
  • Aligners require less time at the orthodontist's office than traditional braces.
  • Because these are removable, you can freely eat, drink, brush, and floss. At Vardan Dental Clinic, we offer a personalised set of aligners comprised of a series of thermoplastic trays that must be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day for 7 to 10 days.

Get the best results in the Aligners Treatment

Before Aligners Treatment
After Aligners Treatment

View before and after pictures of clear Aligners taken at the Vardan dental clinic. We assist both children and adults in achieving attractive and healthy smiles using the most recent technologies.

Best Smile Designing Treatment in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

Smile Makeover in Shahibaug

Your smile is crucial! It is the first thing people notice about you. It says a lot about your personality and serves as your first impression. An attractive smile enhances not only your character but also your self-confidence. We not only specialize in restoring smiles but also in creating attractive smiles. With the introduction of Digital Smile Designing software, analyzing and designing smiles has become extremely precise.

Choose Vardan Dental for Smile Designing

You will receive the best treatment from our highly qualified individuals who have the best ethics and will treat you gently. The dentists work together to solve your dental problems. You can give us a painless and high-quality service if you express your opinion with an open heart.

Here are some common dental issues we can treat to improve the appearance of your smile.

  • Make smooth structure
  • Treat surface defect
  • Cavity composite
  • Compound Veneers
Benefits of Smile Designing

Get the best results in the Smile Designing Treatment

Before Smile Designing Treatment
After Smile Designing Treatment

At Vardan, we offer a thorough treatment planning procedure so you can choose the strategy that is the best fit for you.

Periodontal Flap Surgery

Flap Periodontal Surgery Can Recover your Smile

Are you experiencing tooth pain? Do you have gums that bleed? Do you have difficulty chewing or moving your gums? All of these could be symptoms of gum disease, and you may need surgery to resolve the problem.

As a veteran dental care service provider in the medical industry, Vardan Dental Care guarantees you the safest and most productive gum surgeries at reasonable prices.

Best Flap Periodontal Surgery in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

We are competent and know what we are doing. You can completely rely on our professional approach, which has been relied on by many over the years.

Our dental flap surgery methods are as follows:

  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Very secure
  • Completely certified
  • A variety of modern tools and advanced technologies were used.
  • There are no negative effects.
  • It takes a long time to complete.
  • Pocket-friendly and thus cost-effective
  • Exceptionally precise
Benefits of Periodontal Flap Surgery

Get the best results in the Periodontal Flap Surgery Treatment

Before Periodontal Flap Surgery Treatment
After Periodontal Flap Surgery Treatment

Check out some of the outcomes we achieved with periodontal technology today. As our photo gallery is constantly updated, kindly check back frequently.

Top Dental Clinic in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

Child Dental Care in Shahibaug

The Vardan Dental Clinic team enjoys providing exceptional dental care to children, babies, adolescents, and young adults in a fun and safe environment. A Pediatric dentist is part of the team that only treats children.

We take pride in protecting children's dental health and are dedicated to making every child's time with us enjoyable, simple, and educational. The cutting-edge pediatric dentist in the Ahmedabad team, the enjoyable atmosphere, the vibrant décor, and our attentive consultant will make all children feel at ease.

Choose us for Child dental care.

Our pediatric dentistry clinic in Ahmedabad concentrates on oral hygiene and each child's specific needs. They make every effort to avoid dental problems. We use unique methodologies and a personalized approach to the best and most appropriate treatment mode for each child's age and dental growth.

We provide a special treat for children by being friendly and cheerful. A specialized Pediatric dentist is part of the team that only treats children.

Benefits of Child Dental Care
Wisdom Tooth Removal

Best Dental Clinic in Shahibaug for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Vardan Dental Clinic employs an experienced and skilled oral surgeon specializing in wisdom tooth extraction. Through clinical examination and 2D or 3D X-rays, our dental professionals will thoroughly examine and evaluate the position and condition of your wisdom teeth to determine the best treatment plan and safe surgery for you. A wisdom tooth surgery can result in:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Tooth crowding between adjacent teeth
  • Smile distortion
  • Chewing and grinding difficulties
  • Cavity problems will be exacerbated.

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal at Vardan Dental

If you're searching for a Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad for Wisdom Tooth Removal, Vardan Dental Care is a well-known and advanced Dental Clinic in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. Consultation with Vardan Dental Clinic expert dentists is the best way to address the problem.

Our dentists are proactive and will quickly diagnose the problem that you are experiencing. We would remove your wisdom teeth gently and painlessly. There would be no complications in the entire process.

Benefits of Wishdom Tooth Removal

Get the best results in the Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment

Before Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment
After Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment

These photos of actual wisdom teeth, or third molars, were taken at our Vardan dentist's office. These are intraoral clinical photographs of either erupted or impacted wisdom teeth.

Cardiac and Diabetic Dental Care in Ahmedabad

Cardiac Diabetic Dental Care in Shahibaug

Vardan Dental Clinic has a specialist team that can advise our patients on Diabetes and Cardiac-related dental issues. We believe in treating the disease and then on to dental treatments.

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to prevent potential complications during and after dental treatment procedures, such as multiple drug interactions, cardiac abnormalities, and infectious disease, that would otherwise cause unnecessary morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes.

Vardan provides the best Cardiac Diabetic Dental Care.

We provide special attention and care for diabetic and cardiac patients' teeth and gums, such as:

  • An in-depth examination of the oral condition,
  • Teeth scaling and polishing regularly,
  • Removal of any infective or septic foci from the mouth,
  • Special programmes for gum care,
  • Pyorrhea and bleeding gums treatment
  • Looking for any risk factors for the heart, lungs, kidneys, and so on,
  • Screening for oral cancer
Benefits of Cardiac and Diabetic Dental Care
Dental Clinic Near Shahibaug

Best Dental Implant Clinic Near Shahibaug

Do you want to get an Affordable dental implant in Shahibaug? Connect with you us today